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It's time for parents to take control!

By Vicki Shotbolt, Parent Zone CEO


This generation of parents is grappling with a challenge that no previous generation has had to face. Taking offline parenting online.

They are doing it without a roadmap. For most of us, we take our parenting style from our own experiences of ‘being parented’. Sometimes actively deciding that we are going to do it differently, sometimes reverting to techniques that were literally learnt at our mother’s knee. How often have you found yourself thinking ‘I’m turning into my Mum – or Dad’ when you catch yourself repeating a line they used on you.

Parents are trying to find a way through and unsurprisingly, they are finding it tough.

That’s why we have created the first parenting programme in the world designed to help parents to become confident at digital parenting. Based on the evidence about what works in parenting and our research on digital resilience we have built a programme that looks at the three aspects of online parenting:

  • Online risk and harm.
  • What makes some online spaces riskier than others?
  • Tools to keep your children safer online.
  • Digital Parenting.

Overcoming years of unhelpful messages that have told parents that their children are so far ahead of them they have no chance of catching up is going to take time.

As parents, we have been described as digital immigrants and encouraged to believe that our children have all the tech skills and therefore, we as parents have little to contribute.

We now need to encourage parents to have the confidence to not just be part of their children’s online lives but to be setting the boundaries required and the standards of behaviour from children that parents routinely expect offline.

Young people need their parents to help them make good decisions online in much the same way as they do offline. Any parent who feels they need a little help with doing that will find it in our Parenting in The Digital Age Course.


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