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Looking back at Digital Parenting Week 2020

DPW2020 thank you leaves

In 2020 we launched our first annual Digital Parenting Week, taking a moment to step back and celebrate parents for the incredible efforts they made to support their children during lockdown. 

We know that parents play a vital role in raising resilient children – and that lockdown made this job even tougher, as parents added “teacher” to the many skills and responsibilities they were already juggling. 

As school, social and family life moved online like never before, parents were there to help their children adjust to and navigate online learning and interaction with much-missed family and friends. And that deserved a thank you.

More than 250 organisations joined us – including primary schools,police forces, family support organisations and local authorities. They ran events and activities using our free advice and resources, from virtual thank you assemblies to craft projects, for pupils to share with their families. 

In Digital Parenting Week 2020 we also launched Ollee, a virtual friend developed in partnership with BBC Children in Need, to help families start conversations about tough subjects and emotions. 

Central Park Primary School in London found taking part in Digital Parenting Week a hugely positive experience for pupils and parents alike:

“Taking the time with students to acknowledge the hard work parents and guardians have been put through has been a real eye-opener. The children were given the chance to reflect on family and friends who have helped them with their online learning over the last 6 months. We know our parents will appreciate the thanks.”

Digital Parenting Week 2021

One year on, we know there is still so much that parents are doing to support their children’s digital wellbeing – and so much to be grateful for. To say thank you, join us for this year’s Digital Parenting Week, from 11-15 October 2021. This year’s theme is wellbeing, with our activities and resources all tailored towards helping families stay happy, balanced and healthy as they make the most of the online world.  

We will be running events for a variety of audiences – and can provide you with the advice and activities to run your own event too. Register to receive our free supporter pack, full of ideas and ways to get involved.