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More than a quarter of families move house in a bid to secure their child’s school place



By Megan Rose

A recent survey has revealed the lengths some families in the UK have gone to secure a place for their child at their preferred school.

The study, which was conducted by the bank Santander, involved more than 4,000 adults.

It found that 22% said they bought a house they couldn’t afford, while 15% moved to an area they didn’t like in a bid to help their child attend a particular school. More than a quarter, 27%, who moved to a certain catchment area, said they'd move elsewhere once their child had left the school.

While nearly half, 49%, sold their property to buy one in their selected catchment area, 26% said they had done the same, but were now renting.

On average, families spend an 11% premium (equivalent to £24,000 in the current property market) to change their address. Families in the East Midlands were found to be the least likely to make the move, while families in London were found to be the most likely, at 46%.

Miguel Sard, the managing director of mortgages for Santander UK, said: ‘Our research shows that with competition for school places remaining high, parents are making significant financial and lifestyle sacrifices to be within the catchment area of desirable schools.’

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mage: CC BY 2.0