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Online gambling glossary

The world of online gaming and gambling is filled with buzzwords that can be tricky to get your head around. Here, we explain some of the words we’ve come across as part of our #LetsTalkAboutGambling campaign.



An icon or figure used to represent a player in a video game.


A digital currency that is encrypted and works independent of a central bank. An example of a cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

CS:GO aka Counter Strike: Global Offensive 

A shoot-‘em-up game with teams of players fighting as terrorists or counterinsurgents.

It was one of the first games to make skins popular. It is a hugely popular eSport, played in stadiums and streamed online.

Dota 2

Multiplayer battle arena game where players destroy competitors’ large structures, while protecting their own.

eSports aka electronic sports

This is the umbrella term for organised competitive computer gaming, usually between professionals.

Games, such as League of Legends and CS:GO, can be played in sports stadiums, and streamed online for fans to watch.

Loot box

Found mainly in video games, these treasure chests can be opened to receive ‘loot’, such as avatars and skins. Users can either pay money to open these boxes or use credit accrued by game play.

Microtransactions aka MTX

It is the process or purchasing virtual good, such as skins, by making a small one-off payment of usually £1 or less.


An online payment system that is linked to a credit/debit card. Despite PayPal’s rules stating you must be over 18 to create an account, many young people under 18 can make accounts and link it to their debit card to make payments.

PEGI Ratings aka Pan European Game Information

These ratings are the certificates given to video games based on suitability and content.


Colourful graphics used cover game characters and weapons/accessories to make them look ‘cooler’.


A free multiplayer platform developed by Valve (see below). It is used to distribute and download games online. It provides a community features including friends lists and in-game voice chat.

Steam market

The world’s largest online gaming platform and marketplace where players can purchase skins and see how much they’re worth and download other games.

Steam library

A platform on Steam where a player can keep their skins.


A live streaming video platform focused on broadcasting video game battles. The videos can be viewed in real-time or via video on demand.

Valve Corporation

The US game developers responsible for CS:GO and the Steam gaming service.

World Health Organisation (WHO)

An organization agency of the United Nations concerned with public health, established in 1948.