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Parent Zone investigates young people and gambling

A report by the Gambling Commission has found that almost 500,000 children are gambling every week. With the lines blurring between gaming and gambling, children as young as 11 are using skin betting and in-game loot boxes to win items, often weaponry, that can then be exchanged for real money.


Parent Zone investigates

In the coming months, Parent Zone will be conducting its own investigation into what is being done by gaming platforms and payment providers to safeguard young people. We will also be publishing online gambling parent guides to break down the jargon and posting expert blogs from leaders in the field of gaming and gambling. 


We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from parents, teachers, local authorities and young people who are concerned about this issue or have already been affected in some way. Tell us about your experiences by emailing or talk to us on our live chat service.



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