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Parent Zone Membership is changing

In March, we made Membership free for all schools and organisations that weren’t previously Members, until the end of June. We also gave all existing Parent Zone Members an additional three months of access, free of charge, so that all schools and organisations could better support the families they work with through the coronavirus crisis.

Since then, hundreds have benefited from the resources, so we are pleased to be able to continue providing a free version of Membership for all.

From 1 July we’ll be offering two levels of Parent Zone Membership:

  • NEW – Basic (free): One new Tuesday Tips video per month and Weekly Briefings.

  • Premium: One new Tuesday Tips video per week, interactive live events for professionals and parents, access to the Parent Lounge and Member forums, a library of resources, a dedicated support service, and more!

What does this mean for new Members?

Members who have enjoyed free access to Premium Membership can access everything until 30 June. If they want to retain access to the library, the new Tuesday Tips videos, the new live events and more, they will need to upgrade to become a Premium Member.

What does this mean for existing Members?

Members who have paid for Premium Membership will continue to enjoy full access to all the resources, live events, the Parent Lounge and more until their subscription period comes to an end. If they want to continue their Premium Membership once their year is up, they'll have to renew their subscription.

Join a live event

We will be hosting a series of unique Live Events in the near future – exclusive to Members. Find out more and see the full list of events here.

Get 50% off a year of Premium Membership

If you upgrade from Basic Membership (or renew your existing Premium Membership) before 1 October, you will get a 50% discount – saving you £300. 

You can claim your discount via the website from July.

If you would like to renew now, please contact us:

We’re here to support you!

If you have any questions about your current Membership, feel free to get in touch with or call us on 0207 686 7225 – we're happy to help.