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Parent Zone's exciting new insight partnership with the Corsham Institute

We’re really pleased to announce a new insight partnership with education research charity Corsham Institute, who’ll be evaluating Parent Zone’s Digital Schools Resilience and Wellbeing curriculum with the help of local teachers.

Our curriculum has been designed to boost children and young people's resilience and help them thrive in a digital world. It follows research that shows that building the digital resilience of children and young people is a more effective way to help them stay safer online, so they can benefit from the many opportunities the internet offers.

Parent Zone co-chairs the Digital Resilience working group at the UK Council for Internet Safety. Working with leading experts in this field, and drawing on resilience literature, the group defined digital resilience as having the emotional resources needed to understand when you are at risk online, know what to do to seek help, learn from experience, and recover when things go wrong.

The aim of the partnership is to build on the very positive feedback that we’ve already had from Digital Schools members about the programme. Corsham will be looking closely at the effectiveness of the curriculum, including how easy and useful the resources are to teach with, how engaging the content is for students, and how impactful overall the curriculum is on student’s online experiences.

Corsham Institute has a very strong research heritage and particular expertise in supporting people to be skilled and ready for our digital world. The partnership came about after Corsham’s consultation with local teachers revealed that ‘activities to boost pupils’ empathy and resilience online’ are their number one priority. We agreed with Corsham that this is a great opportunity for us to confirm the quality of our Digital Schools member resources by giving local schools free access, and we’re really delighted to be partnering with them on this project.

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