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Parent Zone’s response to the Joint pre-legislative scrutiny Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill’s Call for Evidence

September 2021

A Joint Committee has been appointed to consider the government's draft bill to establish a new regulatory framework to tackle harmful content online.

Parent Zone welcomed the opportunity to submit our response to the Joint pre-legislative scrutiny. In our response, we highlight several factors we are concerned with: 

  • access to some platforms will be more tightly age-gated for children – but hardcore pornography sites will remain open to anyone
  • the ‘Duty of Care’ described in the bill does not extend to a ‘duty to take action’ when a child is known to be at risk – for example, a child posting self harm pictures or sharing naked images
  • whether the resources needed to provide media literacy information to parents will be made available
  • why gaming has been left out of a bill that is supposed to be designed to make the UK the safest country in the world to go online. 

In conclusion, our response calls for a simplification of the duty of care, which would help undo some of the anomalies and make it more responsive to harms – especially to new harms as they arise from innovative functionalities.

You can read our full response in the attachment.

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