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How many people can take part in each online safety school session?

We run sessions for pupils, parents and staff and there is no upper limit for any of them. We can do a whole school assembly, Key Stage assembly, year group or class. We can hold sessions for as many parents as can get there and for all staff and governors.


How long do the sessions last?

Sessions last a maximum of one hour and can be shorter for younger pupils.


Are the sessions interactive?

Pupil sessions are interactive and meet the objectives for online safety in the computing curriculum. There are opportunities for questions in the staff and parent sessions.


What is covered in each online safety session?

For pupils, we cover critical thinking, positive online behaviour, challenging what you see, online safety and the importance of reporting to trusted adults.

For parents, we explore how they can equip their children with the digital life skills that will help them have a positive and resilient life online.

For staff and governors, we cover online risk and harm, digital safeguarding, KCSIE requirements and reporting.

Please do let us know if there is a specific issue that you would like included in your session.


Do you cover Digital Resilience?

Yes. In the online safety sessions we discuss how to deal with any risks you may come across online and how to handle things if they go wrong in order to help build digital resilience of young people and adults alike.