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Response to the Commission for Countering Extremism’s consultation and call for evidence on Extremism in England and Wales

Parent Zone welcomed the Independent Commission for Countering Extremism’s call for evidence on Extremism in England and Wales, as an opportunity to consider how support for parents and carers can help them understand and respond to the risk of online radicalisation and extremism. This call for evidence is an important stage in the independent Commission’s first-of-a-kind study into extremism which aims to improve understanding of extremism and its impact on individuals, communities and wider society. It will be published in Spring 2019.

In our response, we focus on our Home Office commissioned Resilient Families programme, which is our main work de-stigmatising and contextualising the issue of online extremism and radicalisation to help provide support for anyone who works with families. In light of our strong evidence for the success of our Resilient Families programme and to align with our evidence-based research, our main recommendation was to encourage a digital resilience approach whilst remaining parent-focused for three main reasons:

  1. A ‘digital resilience’ approach is effective because it helps young people understand when they are at risk; know what to do to seek help; learn from their mistakes; and recover when things go wrong.
  2. This creates a cycle of resilience, which continues to help children understand the risks of online extremism. Developing these skills will help children deal with online risks, regardless of the nature of the threat.
  3. For digital families, a parent-focused approach prevents fear-mongering and instead enables open conversations about online extremism, helping both parents and children to understand the potential risks, know how to spot the potential signs, recover when things go wrong and to learn from the experience.

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