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Response to the Gambling Commission Age Verification-Consultation

Parent Zone welcomed the Gambling Commission’s Age-Verification Consultation, as an opportunity to highlight the increasing number of easy-access unlicensed gambling sites available to children. The Gambling Commission is looking to reduce the risk of underage gambling, improve age-verification methods and remove the current ‘72-hour rule,’ giving licensees 72 hours to carry out age-verification checks.

In our response, we emphasised how the number of children gambling online is disproportionate to the 20% of parents that feel they need to discuss gambling with their children. Many of these children are completely unaware of the negative consequences of their actions, spiralling into issues about how they value money. Parents often do not feel confident in talking to their children about these issues, in part because of a lack of in-depth knowledge of the link between gambling and gaming. With a strong evidence base from our 2018 skin gambling report, we called on the gambling commission to:

  1. Shut down unlicensed online gambling sites to protect more children from gambling and picking up habits along the way;
  2. Conduct an investigation into loot boxes, to place pressure on the gaming and industry and policy officials to take action on skin gambling; 
  3. Consider how the data of children who have previously made an account and gambled under the '72-hour rule' is to be protected in a transparent way.

To read the full response click the attachment below.