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Roblox: what do you need to know?


Roblox has been making the rounds recently on social media with renewed concerns that children are receiving inappropriate contact from strangers. Parent Zone's Marjun Ziarati shares our top tips to help keep young people safer when using the popular gaming platform.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform, popular among children and young people. Players of all ages can use the site, but the games created are aimed at 8-18-year-olds. All games and experiences are created by the players themselves. It is a social platform too and players can interact with one another through the games and via the chat function. Some young people enjoy the social element of playing with others and being able to design and create their own games.

Top tips to help young people stay safer on Roblox

Show an interest

Talk to young people about what they are doing on Roblox, who they interact with and what games they enjoy playing.

Be vigilant

Watch out for any fake Roblox sites. Only web addresses ending in are legitimate sites. Talk to young people about scam sites that may try to get personal information or money from them.

Keep it private

Make sure security settings are age-appropriate and no private information is shared while they are using the platform or through their personal profile.

Reporting abuse

Help young people block other users or report online abuse. There is more information on the Roblox website and in our full Roblox parent guide for Digital Schools members.

A good impression

Talk to young people about the importance of being kind to others as they play, and to be careful what they say, even if joking around, as it could be offensive to someone else.

Further information and advice from Roblox   

Digital Schools members can access Parent Zone’s full Roblox parent guide, with guidance on security and privacy settings, along with many expert resources to help young people thrive in a digital age. Find out more about Parent Zone's Digital Schools membership here.