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Safer Internet Day 2019


The theme for this year's Safer Internet Day is 'Together for a better internet'. It's a great call to action - a reminder that everyone can play their part in making the internet a better place to be.

Developing empathy and understanding, and the ability to communicate clearly and think before they post - these are crucial staging posts for children and young people. We've got some free resources which speak directly to the skills and qualities children and young people will need to fulfil the promise of this year's Safer Internet Day - find the one which is right for the young people you're reaching here.

Story Time - new for younger children

Story Time is a brilliant way for younger children to learn about the importance of being kind to people online, as well as lots of other important safety messages. Perfect for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, with engaging narratives and fun illustrations, these stories encourage good online habits like setting secure passwords and managing their screen time.

Be Internet Legends - a Key Stage 2 curriculum 

One of the pillars of the Be Internet Legends programme is kindness - and that's what this year's Safer Internet Day is all about. The curriculum shows pupils how to be good 'upstanders' - standing up for what's right and not just going along with the crowd. The curriculum also helps pupils become confident communicators, making upsetting misunderstandings less likely, and learn how to be respectful of others' privacy - both core skills which help make the internet a nicer place for us all to explore.  Teachers can order a free copy which contains lesson plans, activities, posters and more.


Digiworld - an interactive game and curriculum 

Digiworld teaches children to speak kindly, and learn other ways to avoid misunderstandings or offence online - all things which will help make the internet a better place for all. Developed by Parent Zone and Telenor, Digiworld is an exciting self-guided curriculum for children aged 5-16 plus their families and schools, including downloadable resources and a fun, interactive game. 

We're celebrating Safer Internet Day with 10% off our Digital Schools Membership!  Access in-depth resources throughout the year, including online training for professionals and parents, bespoke lesson plans, phone support, senior leadership briefings and more.  Use code SID19 between 5-8 February.