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Safer Internet Day: Parent Zone and Telenor launch new Digiworld features!

11 February, 2020

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Parent Zone and Telenor are pleased to launch several brand-new features for the Digiworld curriculum.

These new features – which include a dedicated teacher area, advanced lesson plans for older pupils, and exciting updates to the interactive game – are designed to help five to 16-year-olds develop the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the online world.

Dedicated teacher area

In the dedicated teacher area, education professionals can now access all of the lesson plans and materials they need to run a lesson or session with children and young people – including stretch activities, homework tasks, and handouts.

They can also find expert guidance about how to make the most of the curriculum, create safe teaching environments, and handle difficult topics sensitively in class.

Advanced lesson plans

The two advanced lesson plans – which can be downloaded in the dedicated teacher area – are aimed at older students and cover the more challenging aspects of life online – including cyberbullying and risks and harms.

The dedicated teacher area includes tips on how to plan these sessions in advance, ensure they run smoothly on the day, and check in with pupils afterwards.

Interactive game

The interactive Digiworld game now includes exciting new gameplay elements – such as tile-matching puzzles – which become harder as the player progresses through the game.

Encouraging pupils to play the game at home is a fun and engaging way to consolidate what they’ve learned in class.

Visit the Digiworld website to access all of these new features – and find out more about the Digiworld curriculum.