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Back to school: free resources for educators and professionals

To kick off the new school year, we have compiled our free resources, tools, events and useful reading, to help inspire ideas and activities. 

Whatever your educational or professional setting, we have things to use in classrooms, share with pupils, students and parents. You can also find out how you can join our research network and become a Parent Zone Member. 

And we’ll be releasing a lot more very soon. Make sure to check back here again for new resources and updates. 

Classroom resources 

Be Internet Legends

For 2021-22, we have a wide range of free resources for our online safety programme for children aged 7-11, in partnership with Google. This includes two new assemblies and an upcoming update to the scheme of work. You can find a Teacher Toolkit, outlining these resources, plus how you can plan to use the new scheme of work. Download the Teacher Toolkit.

The programme continues to offer tools for teachers, including live training sessions, as well as live YouTube parental engagement events to share. To help you find what is useful, here are some handy quick links: 

Explore the Legendary Teacher Hub

Order a scheme of work and digital wellbeing pack

Download free education packs – including virtual lessons

Book a place on one of our free teacher training sessions 

Frame your school’s Be Internet Legends journey by joining a national online assembly

Take the next step with your class by booking an interactive assembly experience

Find out about our new assembly for Year 6 graduates 

Invite parents to a live YouTube session with one of our Be Internet Legends trainers 

Share the Legends Family adventure for families to enjoy at home


Ollee is a virtual friend for children aged 8-11 and their parents, developed by Parent Zone and funded by BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative. 

Ollee provides early intervention to prevent mental health worries in children from becoming serious problems. We have a range of free resources to support the use of the app in the Ollee Hub.

It can be used in schools through the School Support Pack which has free teaching resources to help you use Ollee in the classroom. The Ollee Professionals Support Pack has an information sheet, flyer and social media pack

Parent Zone Membership

Basic Parent Zone Membership is free and offers access to parent handouts, a weekly email briefing and events. Upgrade to Premium Membership and access a range of classroom resources, professional support tools, a library of parent information, policy templates and our Resilient Families programme


Digiworld is a multi-language, self-guided internet safety curriculum and interactive game. Digiworld helps children aged 5-16 and their families navigate the online world. 

Find our range of free school resources here

Events and parental engagement

Digital Parenting Week 2021, 11-15th October 

Digital Parenting Week 2021 will feature events and activities to celebrate parents and all they have done to support children’s wellbeing this last year. 

By registering, you will be able to download a supporter’s pack – including ideas of how you can bring colleagues or families together, including a Digital Dine-in and a 7-day challenge. The aim is to find time to come together and share how you are doing – whether that’s in the staff room with colleagues, among families or in parent groups. 

Older children (aged 14+) are also invited to write a blog post about their digital wellbeing with a chance of being published on Parent Zone’s sister site VoiceBox.

By signing up, you can also find out about live virtual events happening through 

You can register here or get involved by emailing

Be Internet Legends Digital Drop-ins

Share live online safety advice for parents. Our live Be Internet Legends YouTube sessions – in partnership with Google – cover safer sharing, cyberbullying, staying secure online and being internet brave. Parents can ask questions or chat and share ideas. 

You can find dates and themes for these events here

You can also share the Legendary Parent Hub, for more activities for families to try at home.


Research Partner Network

The Parent Zone Research Partner Network aims to improve outcomes for children in the connected world. 

We work with a spectrum of organisations, academics and professionals – providing and sharing services, information and help to families, children and young people. 

This includes partners like the Bradford Alternative Provision Academy. In this blog, find out how the network supported them in taking a new approach to supporting families around digital.

If you would like to join the Parent Zone Research Partner Network, find out more about the challenges or are interested in helping us in any other way, please contact

Useful reading


VoiceBox is an international content platform for 14-25 year-olds, written by young people for young people. Young people can find out about getting involved – or submitting content here. Here is an article outlining 5 VoiceBox articles parents should read.

Online Safety Bill

The Online Safety Bill was unveiled in Parliament in May 2021 – outlining what it describes as ‘landmark laws’ to protect children and young people online. 

While a good deal is still to be decided on the Bill’s passage through parliament, we know the world’s biggest social media companies will have a legal duty to prevent and remove harmful content – or face substantial fines and even criminal action. 

This article explains what this means for families – and why it should be a major step forward in creating a safer, more transparent online world for children and young people.

Media Literacy

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced a new UK online media literacy strategy – aiming to support a wider understanding and awareness of the online landscape and how we consume content.

Whilst not specifically aimed at educators, it provides useful information to address gaps and reduce barriers for organisations, like Parent Zone, working towards improving media literacy. 

This article explains what it means for families

Digital Resilience

A hub to help schools and organisations boost children’s digital resilience. 

The UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) Digital Resilience Working Group (DRWG) has an online hub aimed to boost children and young people’s resilience. 

It features an introduction to digital resilience, plus a guide to the UKCIS Digital Resilience Framework and case studies demonstrating how the framework can be applied in a range of contexts. 

It also includes links to relevant resources so that visitors can easily find tools and activities that support the four elements of the digital resilience framework: Understand, Know, Learn and Recover.

Help and support

Click here to view a range of services and organisations that offer free expert support and advice. If you have a question, you can contact