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Sex and violence online – and how to avoid it

By Vicki Shotbolt


  • Use parental controls on laptops/PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Set Google Safe Search – this will filter out explicit material. Both this and parental controls are especially useful for younger children.
  • Discourage your teenager from withdrawing to spend hours alone in their bedroom online.
  • Remember that a blanket ban is not always useful.
  • Talk about whether there are better ways of getting information about sex, and whether the portrayal of sex in porn can be misleading. (See tips on how to open a conversation here.)
  • Ensure they understand the risks of sharing sexual images (eg sexting) or exposing themselves to images that may be upsetting or illegal.
  • If your child is already looking at porn compulsively talk to your GP for advice about what is available locally.