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Six of the best: Using Google Expeditions for Arts and Music


 European Street Art: La Mano’s stark black and white images in Paris’ 13th arrondissement

Among the hundreds of Google Expeditions now on offer there are dozens of galleries and studios that your pupils can visit virtually, below are six of our favourites

Street Life

Follow the urban trail from Rome and Paris to Shoreditch and Brighton for a European tour of street art. Work featured in this expedition includes Agostino Iacurci’s brightly coloured, whimsical murals, which imaginatively incorporate features in run down Italian neighbourhoods and Spanish street artist La Mano’s stark black and white images in Paris’ 13th arrondissement (pictured).

Expedition title: European Street Art and Artists

A Paolo Veronese on the ceiling at The Doge’s Palace in Venice

Renaissance Men

Visit museums around the world and study the techniques and style of Renaissance art. Discover the Great Council Hall at The Doge’s Palace in Venice, with a ceiling covered in paintings by great artists of the period, such as Paolo Veronese (pictured). The accompanying annotations on the Guide’s app also set the art in context and explain that while many Renaissance paintings appear in small panels, scattered in various museums around the world, during the Renaissance many would have been grouped together at an altar or in a church to tell a series of more complex stories.

Expedition title : Masterpieces of the Renaissance


Left: Oscar-winning animator Professor John Canemaker. Above: Miles from Tomorrow 

Get animated

Sue Perrotto works for Disney Junior at Wild Canary Studios on popular animated TV series such as Miles from Tomorrow and Phineas and Ferb. This career Expedition shadows the animator, taking explorers on a journey of her day - from the writer’s room to the edit suite. The guide’s version of the trip is packed full of information on Sue’s career path and what her training involved. At one stage explorers are also introduced to Sue’s mentor, Oscar-winning animator Professor John Canemaker (pictured).

Career Expedition: Animator & Director, Sue Perotto

Take a trip around the house that Charles Rennie Mackintosh built

Return of the Mac

In 1901, Glaswegian architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh (famous for his Glasgow School of Art building) and his designer wife Margaret Macdonald entered a competition in a German design magazine to create ‘A House for An Art Lover’. While the house was not built in the Mackintosh’s lifetime, in the late 80s a team of architects turned the plans into reality. By taking a virtual tour of the house, explorers on this Expedition get a unique insight into Mackintosh’s styles and influences - from the castle-like Scottish baronial style of the staircases and fireplaces to the clear lines and use of partitions that often feature in Japanese architecture.

Expedition Title: Mackintosh - House for an Art Lover

Playing by ear

In order for students to learn to play their instruments as quickly as possible, folk music tutor Finlay Allison teaches by ear, and this Expedition explores how he achieves this. We experience Finlay teaching a left-handed Ukulele player, preparing lesson plans and taking his students out of their classroom and into a gigging venue. Each scene comes with its own music chart which demonstrates one of the ways in which his students are able to ‘read’ music.

Expedition title: Jigging and Gigging: Folk Music Teacher

Wilton's Music Hall today in London's East End.

Victorian talent

This colourful Expedition invites you to take your pupils on a journey into the heart of London’s East End, to the site of Wilton’s Music Hall. Originally constructed as an auditorium to service passing sailors from the nearby London Docks, this Victorian venue built up a legendary reputation for music hall stars such as Annie Adams and comic acts such as Champagne Charlie, as well as dancers, gymnasts and even performing dogs. This Expedition is a great opportunity to immerse students in both the history of the building and surrounding area as well as enabling them to explore the influence that music hall talent still has on much of today’s TV.

Expedition Title : Music Hall Stars at Wilton’s