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Smartphones are making parents more stressed out

By Megan Rose

A recent study has suggested that modern technology, primarily designed to make life easier, is actually having the opposite effect for some parents.

The research, which involved interviewing 35 parents and care givers about their device use, found that popular gadgets such as smartphones and tablets were to blame for increasing stress levels.

Although many parents did recognise that these devices had, in many ways, made life easier for them, some said they ‘felt the pressure to stay constantly plugged in.’ Many noted that technology made the job of being a good employee as well as a good parent harder.

Larry Rosen, Professor emeritus at California State University responded to this, saying: ‘What [parents] rapidly discover is that they cannot do two tasks together as well as each separately, and, in fact, it [technology] adds another layer of stress to their already stressed lives raising children.’

The rapid rate at which modern technology develops is an additional factor that Dr Jenny Radesky, a paediatrics researched at Michigan University, believes is to blame. Maintaining or achieving a balanced work-to-home lifestyle is difficult when devices are constantly evolving and therefore not able to be properly structured around parents’ busy lifestyles.

Despite these concerns, some parents said that their devices did help them ‘achieve a much-needed break.’ Whether it be playing a favourite video game or talking to friends on social media, many noted their devices were an effective way to escape from their hectic schedules.

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