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Teacher’s rap goes viral thanks to 50 Cent

Mr Foley wows his class – and 50 Cent

By Megan Rose

A video of a teacher rapping in a bid to extend the learning of his pupils has gone viral.

Christian Foley, a teacher at Cardinal Pope Catholic School in Hackney, was videoed in two of his lessons. The American rapper, 50 Cent, shared the video on his Facebook page to his 37 million followers, saying it had ‘some flow.’

Foley, who uploaded the video on his YouTube channel, said the fact it had been shared by the global superstar was ‘amazing.’ He said the main purpose of his classroom raps were to support his pupils in learning tricky terms.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he added ‘my main job is to help my students, and to focus on them, if 50's praise creates opportunities for me, and therefore them, mission accomplished, if not - then it was just a cool Tuesday, and back to work.’

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