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Tech Shock: Pernille Tranberg on the importance of data privacy

In this week’s episode of the Tech Shock podcast, Vicki and Geraldine speak to Pernille Tranberg, co-founder of and co-author of Data Ethics: The New Competitive Advantage. They discuss the value of your data and the importance of helping children stay private online. 

Tranberg is passionate about giving young people the tools to take control of their data. She argues that the current business model used by social media companies is exploitative: 

“The business model is ‘free’. But nothing is actually free. If you pay for something with your data, you don’t know the price of that. You are paying blindfolded.”

Many social media sites have an age-rating of 13+. But without truly robust age verification processes, Tranberg argues that children signing up will have their data treated like that of an adult. Her solution? An anonymous age verification process:

“Age verification must be done anonymously towards the tech company, perhaps via a third party, so that they don’t get more data on children.”

Vicki highlights that this could end up age-gating the internet. But Tranberg believes that it is better for children to avoid certain sites. 

“There is so much out there that I'm not afraid that children will be left out or have their freedom of expression violated. I think it’s OK as grown-ups that we give children a break from all the choices that are out there.”

Listen to Series 3, Episode 4 to hear the full podcast. 

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