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That's a wrap! Google Expeditions - the year in stats

 City of London School for Girls ventured inside the heart chambers for their first Expedition 

From the class that used Google Expeditions to learn more about the stages of pregnancy, to the school that was able to make its trips more inclusive for SEN pupils, all the schools we have spoken to over this school year have told us time and time again how Expeditions engages pupils and enhances learning.
Now, as this year’s Expeditions Pioneer programme in UK schools draws to a close, we celebrate the success of Google’s classroom VR initiative with an infographic highlighting the sheer length and breadth of the project.
And while the programme may be wrapping up for this year, the good news is that new Expeditions will continue to pour into the app allowing teachers to access new content and schools can learn how to lead their own Expeditions in the classroom and start their virtual journey today.