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Viral internet challenge leaves teen badly injured

The latest of the often bizarre online internet trends to sweep the web, the 'duct tape challenge', has left one teen injured in hospital. 

The14 year old boy has ended up in hospital with a severe head wound, a damaged eye socket and a brain aneurysm after attempting to perform the challenge in front of friends. He lost balance while wrapped in the tape, causing him to fall badly and hit his head on a window frame. 

 The latest trend, which has pages of videos of people trying it out on YouTube, is fairly self-explanatory and involves wrapping layers of duct tape around the willing victim. The captive then has to try to escape in a set amount of time, all while being filmed. 

Other recent viral online challenges include neknomination and the condom challenge. To find out more about viral online challenges and how to make sure your child doesn't do anything too risky online, have a look at our Parent Info article on the topic here.