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Weekly Briefing: 26 April - 3 May 2019

Health secretary warns that 'fake news' online is leading to vaccination refusal 

Appearing on a radio breakfast show, health secretary Matt Hancock said he was planning to meet with social media companies to tackle vaccine misinformation that he says is leading to increasing numbers of people turning them down.

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg reveals changes in response to criticism

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has revealed a series of changes to the firm's portfolio of social platforms, including Instagram and Whatsapp, according to the BBC.

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Britons less trusting of social media than other major nations

The Guardian reports that Britons trust social media platforms less than any other major nation and favour stronger regulation of Silicon Valley’s technology companies, according to a survey of 23 countries.

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'The Instagram aesthetic is over' 

Fast-rising young influencers are rejecting the notion of curated social media feeds in favour of "messier, more unfiltered ones", reports The Atlantic.

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Apple defends removing parental control apps

According to the BBC, Apple has defended its decision to remove a number of parental control apps from the App Store, citing security concerns.

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