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Weekly Briefing: 6-13 March 2019

House of Lords report calls for introduction of internet 'super-regulator'

A new report by the House of Lords has called for the creation of a Digital Authority — a ‘super-regulator’ which would ensure that technology companies are doing their best to protect their users, according to The Guardian. The report stated that tech companies current practice of self-regulation was “clearly failing” and that the current regulatory framework was out of date.

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Mobile devices don't reduce shared family time, according to study

A new study published by the University of Warwick and Oxford University has found that children are spending more time at home with their parents but isolate themselves — something the researchers have called 'alone-together' time. However, there was no evidence that it had had an impact on traditional shared activities such as meals or watching TV.

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Apex Legends gained 50m players in first month

The newest player on the battle royale stage, Apex Legends, is on track to overtake Fortnite as most popular game after gaining more than 50m players in its first month on the market, according to The Telegraph. Fortnite is, however, still on top and has 200m players. Check out our Parent Guide containing everything you need to know about Apex Legends.

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Facebook will shift focus towards encryption to address privacy concerns

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social media platform will shift its focus away from public content and focus on encrypted communication, according to The Verge. The company has been subject to severe criticism for its handling of user data in the past couple of years, but Zuckerberg said that privacy would be the company’s main focus going forward.

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'Rape Day' game banned from Steam

A controversial game called ‘Rape Day’ has been removed from Valve’s gaming platform Steam after thousands of people signed petitions to ban the game, according to the BBC. ‘Rape Day’ is developed by the studio Desk Plant and puts the player in the role of a rapist serial killer in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and tasks them with raping and murdering women.

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Issues must be tackled to regain people's faith in the web, says internet inventor

Internet-inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said that the internet is on a “downward plunge to a dysfunctional future” if current problems are not tackled, according to the BBC. He explained that, following scandals like Cambridge Analytica, many doubt that the web can be a force of good and the drawbacks must be tackled to change public opinion.

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