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Where can parents go to report hateful or illegal online content?


Hateful or sexually inappropriate content

  • Parents can report directly to content providers, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,  asking them to remove hate-filled or overly sexualised content. Most social media platforms have simple processes in place for reporting inappropriate content. Try searching for 'Report', or look through their terms and conditions, or Help section.

  • True Vision is a police-funded site that provides information about hate crime. You can report all forms of hate crime, including online content, at This includes racial, homophobic, transphobic, religious or disability hate crime.

  • To report online material promoting terrorism or extremism go to


Mobile phone content

Report any unsuitable videos, still images or even plain text that your child sees using their mobile phone to your mobile operator. If the mobile operator requires further advice, the query will be passed to the British Board of Film Classification


Inappropriate contact from an adult online

If you know or suspect that an adult has been communicating with your child online who has tried to do any of the below, report it to CEOP, part of the National Crime Agency:

  • talked about sex or other inappropriate sexual activity;
  • asked them to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable, such as send them a naked or partially-clothed image;
  • asked them to meet them offline;
  • asked them to lie to their parents about, or tried to hide, their online relationship.


Images of child sexual abuse

If you see any child sexual abuse images and videos online, you can make an anonymous and confidential report to the IWF at