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Young people concerned about body image

'Body Image has become an issue of considerable concern for young people, so it is crucial that they are given a voice on this important subject. We are really looking forward to hearing what young people and professionals highlight as the key areas of potential policy improvement throughout the inquiry.'

Chair of the Youth Select Committee, Thomas Copeland, 18

This week, Parliament’s annual Youth Select Committee, which allows young people to hold inquiries into topics of importance to them, is discussing the issue of body image. Nearly one million young people voted it as one of the top ten issues in the UK Youth Parliament’s ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot in 2016.

During the discussions so far, issues such as the use of Photoshop, unrealistic images of men and women portrayed on social media and the potential impact of these on the mental health of young people have been raised. They have also acknowledged some of the positive aspects such as body-positive content on Instagram.

Social media companies have been urged to take body image seriously and some, including Facebook and Instagram, have responded by expressing their commitment to ensuring young people have a positive experience online.

The committee will be meeting again on Friday 14 July and will also hear from mental health experts, education professionals and academics.

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Image: Public Domain