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Youth Select Committee’s ‘body image’ - 5 key findings

Back in July, Parliament’s Youth Select Committee* chose body image as the focus of this year’s inquiry.

The final report, A Body Confident Future, produced by the British Youth Council, with the support of the House of Commons, was released on Wednesday 15 November.


We've picked out 5 things that you need to know

  1. Young people have not been involved in policy discussions and decisions and they would like to see this change.
  2. The government should introduce minimum standards on social media companies so they can take more responsibility for cyber abuse and moderating what is published on their sites. 
  3. Specialist mental health services for young people that address body image were found to be inadequate, particularly for certain demographic groups, including young men and LGBT+ young people.
  4. It's not all doom and gloom! Social media can promote body positivity through allowing young people to connect with individuals with similar experiences and take control of their own image.
  5. In schools, the promotion of positive body image should not be confined to specific subjects, but must be integrated into schools’ wider approach and include peer-to-peer support.


*Parliament’s annual Youth Select Committee allows young people to hold inquiries into topics of importance to them. Nearly one million young people voted body image as one of the top ten issues in the UK Youth Parliament’s ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot in 2016.


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By Marjun Ziarati