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Be Internet Legends by Google

What is Be Internet Legends?

Be Internet Legends by Google, in partnership with Parent Zone, is an online safety programme – helping children become safer, more confident explorers of the online world. It provides free teaching resources, assemblies, and much more. For parents, it offers free downloadable activities to help understand and support a child's online world.

Be Internet Legends launched in 2018 and has since reached millions of pupils

And we know it works. Following Google training, children are twice as likely to show an improved understanding of internet safety than those who haven’t received the training.*

*Data based on research commissioned by Google and run by Ipsos from April to July 2021 among 1,638 primary school pupils in years 3-6 at 16 schools in the UK where Google has carried out Be Internet Legends online safety training. For more details, please visit

Who can use Be Internet Legends?

The programme is aimed at UK primary schools and school settings with children aged between 7-11 but it can easily be adapted to suit older or younger years.

Are ALL resources free?


We’re a private school/trust/special school. Can we use the programme?

Yes. Any UK schools that teach children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old can download and/or request the resources for free. 

Accessible and adaptable resources for children with SEND have been developed and focus on a lesson from the Alert pillar. It explores scams and disinformation and includes a quiz and other activities that can be adapted for pupils and students. Access the resources. 

What do the Be Internet Legends teaching resources include?

The Be Internet Legends teaching resources include a range of different materials for primary schools. It is a scheme of work for 7-to-11 year-olds with lesson plans, worksheets and more. 

How is the Be Internet Legends programme set up?

It is divided into 5 pillars (Smart, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave). 

Each pillar has a number of activities that focus on the theme as well as linking to Media Literacy and Social and Emotional learning. 

There are also 6 lesson plans each for ages 7-9 and 9-11. These combine activities from different pillars and can be used over a school year to provide a sequence of activities. 

What does the programme teach pupils?

The programme helps pupils to learn the skills and behaviours they need to be safe and confident online. The lesson plans are based around five internet safety pillars:

Think Before You Share (Be Internet Sharp)

Check it’s For Real (Be Internet Alert)

Protect Your Stuff (Be Internet Secure)

Respect Each Other (Be Internet Kind)

When in Doubt, Discuss (Be Internet Brave)

Do the activities have to be completed in order?

No. Where an activity requires completion of a prior activity, there is a clear note in the lesson plan. In general, the activities can be completed in any order. The lesson plans are detailed to help teachers with their planning. There is also a shorter lesson overview for each pillar to make it easy to navigate the contents of the pack.

Do I need special training or to be a special kind of teacher to teach the programme?

Any teacher can teach this to their students. No extra training is required.

The activities are optimised for fun, relaxed give-and-take interactions between teacher and pupils, ideally with judgment-free active listening on the teacher's part.

Do I need an email address to use Be Internet Legends?

You don't need an email address to use the programme.

How can I access Be Internet Legends resources?

You can download the full programme here.

There are also other free resources which you can find here.

How long will it take to complete the programme with pupils?

This depends on how much time you can dedicate to each lesson, but as a full programme with lots of activities to choose from, an online game and plenty of discussion points, this can be delivered throughout the academic year.

We’re not a school. Can we download the programme and digital wellbeing module?

The resources are designed for teachers of pupils between the ages of 7 and 11, so they aren't suitable for other organisations. Check out the rest of the Parent Zone website for more information and resources.

Be Internet Legends


What is Interland?

Interland is an online game that is free to play on any web browser.

You can access the game here:

Interland is based in a fantasy location where the Internauts live. There are four zones to Interland which link to 4 pillars: Mindful Mountain (being Smart), Reality River (being Alert), Tower of Treasure (being Secure) and Kind Kingdom (being Kind). Each zone has a game that is linked to the learning in Be Internet Legends. 

How can I use Interland?

You can use Interland to supplement your online safety teaching. It goes hand in hand with the curriculum and is a great way to consolidate children's learning and for families to use at home.

Is it necessary to complete the lessons before having students play Interland?

No, but it can be helpful. The game is best when it reinforces what’s learned with the curriculum—and it’s more fun when pupils have had a chance to engage with you in discussions and brainstorms prior to the gameplay experience.

How do children learn from the game?

The game reinforces curriculum concepts by allowing them the freedom to explore healthy digital practices through play and understand digital interactions (and their consequences) in a safe, educational space.

Can my pupils save their work in Interland?

Not in the current version, and that’s not likely to change. Be Internet Legends does not generate or store any personal information whatsoever – including saved files.

The reasons for this were purposeful – we do not collect pupil data, and we wanted the experience to be accessible to everyone – so it’s not necessary to have an account, a login or a password.

That’s good, but a lot of my pupils are proud they finished the game and of what they learned.

We have created a customisable certificate template so that you can enter a pupil’s name and create a printable, personalised certificate of course completion for your pupils.

What devices are compatible with Interland?

Interland works on any device that has an Internet connection and a web browser. This means that almost any desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone is ready to help students Be Internet Legends.

Be Internet Legends


What are Be Internet Legends assemblies?

Be Internet Legends assemblies run throughout the school year and are delivered virtually (streamed live via YouTube).

Are assemblies free? 

Yes. All you need to do is register for the specific dates you want.

Do we need parental permission? 

It is up to you. If you want to get parental permission, you can use this permission slip.

What if we can't make it to a specific date?

The assemblies are live streamed on YouTube but you can watch back at a time that suits, simply by using the same links. Note that the interactive elements and shoutouts won't work if watching delayed or at a later date.

How can I join an assembly?

You can register for an assembly as many times as you like. Just complete the form here

Why are there separate YouTube links in my assembly confirmation email?

This makes sure that you can stream the assembly to your pupils, join in the interactive YouTube chat in another link, and also share a link at home for families.  

Can pupils tune in from anywhere – using whatever device?

Yes – the YouTube stream is accessible on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You'll get separate links for pupils and staff respectively.

Do pupils each need their own device to tune in?

Not if they're tuning in from school – staff can present the streaming link to groups and then manage the interaction from a separate device, using the staff link. Pupils who are tuning in from home will need to use their own or a parent's device. You can share the streaming link with them to watch on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Will anyone be able to see or interact with pupils when they're taking part in the assembly?

No. The streaming link that you present to/share with pupils has chat disabled. You and your colleagues will communicate with our presenters and pass on pupils' questions and answers using the chat function in the staff link. No one else can participate in the chat unless they have the staff link – and the chat will not be visible to pupils anyway.

Can we post about the assembly on social media or our website?

Yes, feel free – but please use the streaming link, not the staff one. You can the hashtag #BeInternetLegends 

Is there a limit to the number of teachers who can use the staff link?

No – the more the merrier.

How many children can we include?

The assemblies are designed to bring together your school community – so multiple classes can watch. It might be useful to have a teacher taking answers and sending us messages for each class – but that isn't essential.


Be Internet Legends


Can I give you feedback about Be Internet Legends? 

Absolutely. Please email us at

We're always glad to hear from you.

Anything else I need to know?

The Parent Zone Be Internet Legends page has lots of information about other ways to use the programme.

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