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...and start building a more resilient family community

Discover a package of fully remote learning lessons and CPD training for schools and organisations.

The Resilient Families education programme offers live online sessions for staff and parents, via video conferencing platforms. Parent Zone trainers deliver expert advice for the challenges of learning, living and working in an online world. 

Training supports a library of educational and engagement resources – including interactive video lessons for primary and secondary ages, designed specifically for remote learning platforms. The programme also includes a online course for parents – plus annual Parent Zone Premium Membership.

Included in the Resilient Families programme:
  • Live online CPD training for professionals (60mins*)
    Providing your staff with an understanding of Digital Resilience, the skills and tools to engage parents and guidance in using the remote resources 

    * Sessions can be booked for a time to suit you
  • Live online session for parents (30mins*)
    Explaining online risks and how to use the programme's resources to develop digital parenting skills

  • Interactive learning for primary/secondary ages
    Fully remote learning sessions covering online risks, misinformation, and how to respond 

  • Parenting Course
    A five-part YouTube video series that can be shared via your website or mailings

  • Lesson plans, worksheets and parent handouts
    Supporting downloads for all the programme's content

Also included: Parent Zone Premium Membership
  • Library of information, handouts, policy templates and video guides.

  • Parent hub of advice, tools and information.
  • Live online training and video courses.

  • One-to-one personal and technical support from our expert team. 

"Just brilliant! Cannot thank you enough, I would be 
lost without the support you provide"

Helen Maynard, primary IT technician

The programme is based around the fundamental tenets of digital resilience – to understand online risks, know how to respond, learn from experiences, and develop processes to recover from problems. 

Digital resilience is proven to be a more effective approach to helping children and young people thrive in the online age. While resilience cannot simply be taught, it can – and should – be developed and nurtured. At a time when we are all online more than ever, Resilient Families helps you develop a more resilient local community. 

Priced £600 (exc. VAT)

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