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Book the Resilient Families programme...

...and start building a more resilient family community

The Resilient Families programme is a digital training and support service for organisations and schools. It delivers a progressive approach to online safety and education – with annual access to all Parent Zone Premium Member resources.

The programme is based around the fundamental tenets of digital resilience – to understand online risks, know how to respond, learn from experiences, and develop processes to recover from problems. 

Digital resilience is proven to be a more effective approach to helping children and young people thrive in the online age. While resilience cannot simply be taught, it can – and should – be developed and nurtured within a community through experience, communication, and expert professional support. 

With the Resilient Families programme, you can begin a process of developing a more resilient community for your entire organisation/school. Priced £600 (exc. VAT), here is what you get...

The Resilient Families programme:
  • Live online training session for professionals.

  • Live online session for your parent community.

  • Interactive videos for primary/secondary ages.

  • Lesson plans, worksheets and parent handouts.

Premium Parent Zone Membership:
  • A library of information, tools, and video guides.

  • Parent hub of advice and information.
  • Live online training and video courses.

  • One-to-one personal support. 

The Resilient Families training programme – with annual Parent Zone
Premium Membership – is priced £600 (exc. VAT).

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