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DigiDog’s tech-mas tail

t was the fur-st noel and DigiDog, accompanied by his kennel-mates Pupsicle and Frost Bite, decided to go out Christmas carolling.

After singing We Woof You a Merry Christmas to their neighbours, they soon approached Santa Paws’s grotto and noticed that things weren’t exactly in order.

There was no tinsel, lights or Christmas tree-ts on the doorstep, which DigiDog thought was very out of character. To see if things were ok, DigiDog had a peek through Santa Paws’s letter box and noticed that the elves looked very unhappy and there was no sign of Santa Paws.

DigiDog rang the doorbell and as soon as the door was opened, the chief elf breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Oh thank heavens!’ she cried. ‘It’s DigiDog!’

DigiDog, Pupsicle and Frost Bite all entered Santa Paws’s grotto to find much chaos and disarray. ‘What’s going on?’ asked Pupsicle. ‘Everything isn’t looking as it should for Christmas.’

As soon as he heard DigiDog had arrived, Santa Paws emerged from his kennel. His fur had lost its shine and there was no bell on his collar.

Paw old Santa wasn't happy

‘Santa Paws!’ said DigiDog. ‘You look pretty ruff - what’s wrong?’

‘It’s my sack DigiDog,’ said Santa Paws. ‘The lock that I always use to keep my presents safe isn’t recognising my password. If I can’t unlock it then I won’t be able to deliver my presents to all the girls and boys of planet earth! Please help, I don’t know what to do.’

As soon as DigiDog investigated Santa Paws’s, sack he knew what had happened.

‘You’ve got a hack in your sack!’ cried DigiDog.

‘No no no!’ cried Santa Paws. ‘What ever will we do?’

‘When was the last time you changed your password Santa Paws? asked DigiDog.

‘Why,’ said Santa Paws, ‘I haven’t changed it since I bought my special sack lock from The Car-bone Doghouse in 2010.’

‘What?’ cried DigiDog ‘You mean to say you haven’t changed your password for 6 years?!’

Santa Paws hung his head and began to look a little teary-eyed. ‘I didn’t think anyone would be able to guess my password was ilovexmas, DigiDog. I’m sorry, I should’ve known better.’

‘Now look,’ said DigiDog. ‘Don’t get in a mess and stress! I just need to pass some of my online woofs of wisdom to you and your elves!’

And he wasn’t kidding.

Luckily, DigiDog always keeps his trusty antivirus software with him, so he showed Santa Paws and the elves how to safely use it.

After providing a dazzling demonstration, Santa Paws’s sack eventually opened.

‘Hurrah!’ cried the elves ‘Christmas is saved!’

‘Wait!’ cried DigiDog ‘there’s still one very important thing to do – change your password!’

‘But what do I change it to?’ asked Santa Paws.

‘Well’, said DigiDog, ‘It can be whatever you like as long as you remember to use a variation of letters, symbols and numbers.’

‘And not only that,’ said Pupsicle. ‘Remember to keep it secret and change it regularly to avoid this EVER happening again.’

And with that, Santa Paws and the elves laid out a huge feast for DigiDog and his furry friends.

They were all thankful they had all learned something not only new but very important too. And it was all thanks to DigiDog and his technical know-how.