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Welcome to Digiworld

Digiworld is an interactive game and educational curriculum – helping children develop skills and resilience online, developed in partnership with Telenor.

It is designed to help children aged between 5 and 16, their families and schools, to develop the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the online world in a safer and more enjoyable way.

Help Lil' Blue navigate the online world

Gameplay is simple – and supports a developing understanding of digital resilience.

Children collect badges as they progress throughout the game and at the end can earn their own printable certificate.

Play the Digiworld game

Discover the curriculum

The Digiworld school curriculum can be used in an offline environment. 

Downloadable worksheets cover all the key areas of learning for each level: online kindness, staying safer online and how to recover when things go wrong.

The online library contains key vocabulary, definitions, important information and some further challenges to guide and support young people through their learning.

As part of the PZ SEND project – funded by the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology – accessible and adaptable Digiworld resources for children with SEND have been developed. They include lesson plans and resource sheets as well as a video with BSL. 

Access SEND resources. 


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