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Topic: Internet Speed.

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Internet Speed.


If one thing gets us hot under the collar at PZ it's internet speed. We have 3 hubs at PZ HQ and we still end up with internet speeds that are slower than a sloth on a duvet day. Our office is just up the road from tech city in the middle of Islington but our BT internet is woeful. Truly terrible. We absolutely love tech  and reckon it's changed life for the better in a big way but waiting for a document to load (we seriously have enough time to boil a kettle whilst our broadband chugs away) is enough to make us yearn for the typing pool and the postman. 


Are you a parent working from home or starting a business and finding that your broadband speed is a nightmare? Is flexible working a joke for you because you can't get online when you're home? Or are you like PZ wasting time at the offfice because BT super fast broadband is super slow ? Or maybe your gaming son is getting hot under the collar because his Call of Duty is more slow motion than high octane? 


We're curious...... Is it just us suffering?