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Google launches new Expeditions app

By Megan Rose

This morning saw the launch of Google’s new virtual reality Expeditions app and Parent Zone was lucky enough to be involved.


The launch was held at London’s Natural History Museum, and involved a group of school children from St Cuthbert with St Matthias Primary School. They were the first children to try the app, which is used with Google cardboard headsets.

The Expeditions app is designed to enable school children to virtually walk through exhibitions from some of the world’s most popular museums. The tours, or expeditions, allow the children to experience the exhibitions and examine historical artefacts for themselves in the comfort of their own classroom.

The expeditions are completely immersive experiences, and are controlled by a main user with a tablet who can guide the other users throughout their expedition. Experiencing an expedition can be done sitting down and enables the user to see the exhibitions as if they’re really there.

Today, the schoolchildren in London were given the chance to experience their first expedition at a dinosaur exhibition at the Berlin’s Natural History Museum. They then had tours from exhibitions at the Field Museum in Chicago and the American Museum of Natural History.

The content that Google used to create their expeditions was sourced from all the museums involved. The Natural History museum, for example, digitised over 40,000 artefacts and specimens to be included in their dinosaur expedition.

The children were fascinated by the app, with one boy saying it was a ‘really interesting and exciting way to learn about the past.’ It’s hoped that the app will be used by hundreds of thousands of children across the world, and really ‘whet their appetites’ to learn more about history. It opens up some of the world's most historic artefacts to children, wherever they live in the world.

The morning was a great success and helped the children build upon their historical knowledge in a fun, interactive and unique way.

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Images: Parent Zone