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Happy World Teachers’ Day!

By Naomi Webb and Parent Zone

Today (5 October) is Unesco's World Teachers' Day. To celebrate, we thought we'd pay tribute to those who nurture and educate our children through their formative years. 

Most people are lucky enough to  have one teacher who inspired them while they were are school. For Alina Ramirez from California, it was her psychology teacher, who provided students with a list of 101 ways to cope with stress. When Alina shared it on Facebook, the tips went viral, inspiring even more.

We also liked this infographic from Edustaff celebrating the often overlooked qualities of primary school teachers. As many people know, it can be a tough job. It requires a LOT of dedication, commitment and definitely a thick skin.

And never underestimate the important of good shoes!

Infographic by Naomi Webb for edustaff

The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher

Main image: Clker-Free-Vektor-Images