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Remote Schooling SOS

Looking back at our lockdown YouTube show from January 2021. Parent Zone CEO Vicki Shotbolt and Dave Coplin, the internationally renowned tech expert and author of The Rise of the Humans, discussed the challenges of remote learning and how we can help children in a new age of education. Watch up with the whole series below, subscribe on our YouTube channel and sign up to our parent newsletter.

Episode 1: How good is good enough? 

Episode 2: Devices and paperless learning

Episode 3: The power of play

Episode 4: Do safety settings really work?

Episode 5: Finding a better balance

Episode 6: Returning to schools: what you need to know

Plus: the best remote schooling accessories3 tips to stay connectedhow to choose the right device for your childand how to digitise written content.

Lockdown advice and resources

Advice, support and ideas to help you navigate parenting during the pandemic.