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The Adventures of DigiDog

Meet DigiDog - our cute office mascot.

DigiDog helps spread the word about online safety for younger children through his work with Parent Zone's Digital School members. 

DigiDog is based on our real life office pooch, Teddy.

Can you see the resemblance?

Unlike Teddy, who spends most of his time in the PZ office rifling through our bins, DigiDog has a serious role to play, travelling around the country, meeting people and passing on tips to help keep children safe online wherever he goes. Honestly, he has a better social life than any of the human members of the Parent Zone staff!

You can read about DigiDog's adventures below. To find out more about how DigiDog is helping primary schools teach children to be safe online, click here.

Parent Zone Digital Schools members can access DigiDog lesson plans in the Resource Library of the Members Area.