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New game launched to help boost young people’s numeracy skills

By Megan Rose

A UK charity has attempted to improve the lack of effective maths skills among young people through the medium of gaming.

National Numeracy, who collaborated with the BAFTA-winning digital media production company Plug In Media, has created a games-based app which encourages young people to apply maths to practical, everyday situations.

It's hoped that making the use of maths more relevant to young people’s lives will help boost their numeracy skills.

‘All the evidence shows that too many teenagers feel disengaged from school maths and don't see its relevance to their future lives,' said Mike Ellicock, chief executive of National Numeracy. 'We urgently need to crack this problem - and that means a better, thought-through approach to functional maths, in order to build young people's confidence, interest and practical skills.’

Star Dash Studios is an engaging, fast-paced and interactive game which involves players becoming a runner in a virtual film set. Throughout the game, players find themselves meeting other members of the crew and solving maths problems which focus on subjects such as percentages, time and estimation.

The game, which was made in consultation with young people themselves, is completely free and aimed at 16-25 year olds.

Anne Haworth, who is the chair of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics's general council said: ‘I would expect the app to be a useful means of engaging learners of all ages with numeracy, which can only be a good thing.’

Find out more about Star Dash Studios.

Image: Public Domain