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Teen grooming campaign plays out on Snapchat


By Ann-Marie Corvin

The Scottish Government has created a new Snapchat film to help parents and young people spot the signs of grooming before things go too far.

A Bad Romance comprises of 18 10-second ‘snaps’ and tells the story of two teenagers Snapchatting about a relationship which takes an exploitative turn.

The story opens with the two best friends meeting a man who then lavishes gifts and attention upon one of the girls.

Through the girls’ messages we discover that the male then starts requesting sexual images before finally inviting the 13-year-old to a house party, leaving her traumatised.

The two young actors who feature in the campaign filmed the snaps themselves to ensure that it remained authentic.

The Scottish Government ‘s Safer Marketing team partnered with Young Scot and used its Snapchat channel - which regularly attracts 27,000 weekly views - as the main campaign platform.

By the end of the second day the campaign had received more than 11,000 views. The final film has been released on Facebook and Twitter, reaching at least another 15,000 people.

For further information on CSE and to learn how to spots the signs click on the following resources: