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Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘digital bill of rights’

By Megan Rose

Jeremy Corbyn has today pledged to ‘democratise the internet’ if he becomes prime minister.

In a speech made this morning, the current Labour leader outlined his ‘digital manifesto’, aimed at providing online opportunities for all.

The manifesto, launched as he takes on Owen Smith in the forthcoming Labour leadership campaign, includes plans for a Universal Citizen Network that would provide a high speed broadband and mobile connectivity for every household, company and organisation in Britain. He also proposes an Open Knowledge Library, a free hub of learning resources for all, linked to his plans for a National Education Service.

Others ideas include a Digital Citizen Passport, a voluntary scheme designed to give all British Citizens a safe and portable identity for their online activities. He's also planning a People's Charter of Digital Liberty Rights , written in consultation with individuals from different political parties.

In annoucing the plans, he said there was ‘a clear need for more online democracy, and our manifesto today sets out how Labour would democratise the internet in order to rebuild and transform Britain, so that no-one and no community is left behind.’

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Image: CC BY 2.0