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Daily memo 10-14 July 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  


Friday 14 July

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What do you meme?

More than ever, people online are interacting through memes. But just how much has this changed how we talk outside of the web? Read more.


Safety first

Two schools have recently failed their fire inspections. This has led to a call on all schools across the country to have routine fire inspections in the wake of Grenfell. Read more.


Ain't nobody's business

Employers who check potential staff's social media could soon be breaking European law. Read more.


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Savvy, but not secure

The common idea is that young people know everything about tech. But are they clued up on being secure online? Read more.


Thursday 13 July

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Time for change

Former government mental health champion for schools says we need to rethink how we handle bullying at school. Read more.


Young people under pressure

A report finds that suicides by young people peak during exam season. Read more.


Educational inequality

New research has found that household income affects children’s cognitive abilities, and can impact their educational prospects. Read more.


Screen lives of teens

A series of video interviews from the London School of Economics, with young people discussing their ‘online’ lives on social media and the Internet. Read more.


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Rolling out the ads

Facebook is about to start pushing adverts on those using the Facebook messenger app. Read more.


Wednesday 12 July


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Across the world tech giants have joined together today to protest against 'net neutrality'. Read more.


Work, work, work

According to new findings, the DfE's recommendation to reduce teacher workload has been ignored by 80% of schools. Read more.


Bullying? What bullying?

Cyberbullying among the youth today is relatively rare, says new survey. Read more.


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Case of the Sext

A boy as young as five has been involved in sexting. The Guardian asks, is enough being done to tackle the issue among young people? Read more.



Tuesday 11 July 


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Physics teachers wanted

Official figures show that more than a third of physics teachers do not hold a degree in the subject. Read more.


Game of tolerance

Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, has defended the internet and social media claiming that it has bred the world's kindest generation. Read more.


Tackling body image

Internet companies should do more to tackle body shaming online, social media users have told an inquiry into how body image affects young people. Read more.


Student mental health

According to new figures, the number of university students requiring special consideration in exams due to mental health problems has soared in the past five years. Read more.

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Speak now

The music app, Spotify, is testing a new safe mode for driving, and one of its main components is voice control. Read more.



Monday 10 July

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Royal advice

Prince Harry has urged young people to limit the amount of time they spend using their mobile phone during a speech about mental health. Read more.


Had enough

According to new research, almost a quarter of newly qualified teachers have left the profession completely since 2011. Read more.


Top tips

Take a look at five things teachers can do to help their pupils' mental health at school. Read more.


Full stream ahead

Kodi boxes are the latest industry disrupter aiding the rise in illegal video and music streaming. Read more.


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Delete your account

An Instagram bug has been deleting user's accounts without warning. Read more.