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Daily memo 17-21 July 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 21 July

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School’s out for summer

No rest for the wicked. Should children study during the holidays? Or do they deserve a break? Read more.


Taking on the trolls

Twitter says its making progress with the online abuse problem, as it finds users are abused much less than they were six months ago. Read more.


The man who saw the digital future

Who was Marshall McLuhan and how did he predict the internet and the impact it would have on our lives? Read more.


Keeping up to date

iPhones that aren't updated to the latest version of iOS could be vulnerable to take over by hackers . Read more.

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Substance abuse

A record number of school exclusions were issued to pupils last year for drug and alcohol related issues, study reveals. Read more.



Thursday 20 July

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It’s a dog’s life

Primary school brings in a dog with the aim of helping children overcome anxiety issues. Read more.


A cry for help

Half of pupils expelled from school have mental health issue, study finds. Read more.


Need a break?

Is social media getting a bit too much? This is how you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account. Read more.


The sound of silence

Facebook users are getting annoyed by the sound on auto-playing videos. Here's how to stop it. Read more.


The truth hurts

‘Honesty’ app allows people to send completely anonymous comments to other users, with no way of the recipient replying or knowing who sent it to them. Read more.


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Criminal minds

‘The dangers of machine intelligence will grow as it spreads’. A view that the future of crime will be online. Read more.



Wednesday 19 July

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Instagram under the spotlight

Ditch the Label’s latest study names Instagram as the worst platform for cyber-bullying. Read more.


A safe haven

Following the release of Netflix’s controversial To The Bone film about a young women with anorexia, mental health campaigner Natasha Devon argues that schools can offer a safe haven from media images that promote eating disorders. Read more.


Sport for all?

Over half of children with disabilities don’t feel comfortable taking part in sport. Read more.


I spy with my little eye...

The dangers of connected toys. Read more.


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Love lies

Man's profile used 43 times to 'catfish' women on dating sites. Read more.


Tuesday 18 July

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Money matters

Education secretary Justine Greening has annouced a boost in school funding of up to £1.3bn. Read more.


Ignoring the issue

The discussion about bullying in schools has intensified with a call for teachers to stop being reluctant to report such cases. Read more.


A social obligation

Take a look at one PR guru's piece on the importance of social media as a tool for everyday life. Read more.


104m are chilling with Netflix

The streaming giant has celebrated 104m worldwide subscribers. Read more.

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Switched on

In the wake of the cyber attack that hit Westminster earlier this year, there has been a call for all politicians to get clued up digital tech. Read more.


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Walking away

Teachers continue to leave the profession in droves, but where are they actually going? Read more.



Monday 17 July

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A universal language

Today is World Emoji Day, celebrating the colourful symbols used in instant messages across the world. Read more.


Focus on the game

A neuroscientist claims that children who struggle to concentrate in class should be given 'prescription video games'. Read more.


Rising numbers

According to Government figures, the number of pupils in England's secondary schools is set to rise by almost a fifth within the next decade. Read more.


Proof of age

Porn websites must prove users are 18 or risk being banned in UK; the Government is to appoint a regulator to police sex websites to stop children accessing explicit content. Read more.


The strength of passwords

Is your personal information safe online? This is what can happen if you use the same passwords over and over. Read more.

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Body image concerns

A survey suggests that 93 per cent of teachers teach pupils who are affected by body image and eating disorders. Read more.