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Daily memo 9 October - 13 October 2017

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Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Wednesday 11 October


Government green paper 

The UK Government Internet Safety Strategy green paper has been released. Read more. 

Time to pay up

Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay for action against the 'undeniable suffering' social media can cause, the culture secretary has said. Read more.

The birds and the bees

Social media and the ease of access to explicit material on the web could make the tricky topic of sex even more of a communication minefield for parents. Read more.


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One e-safety co-ordinator gives parents a guide to the different categories of staying safe online. Read more.


Taking chances

Blog post: The media’s role in our gambling epidemic. Read more.

The pressure is off

Leading girls’ schools reportedly scrap entrance exams amid mental health concerns among young people. Read more.


Tuesday 10 October


World Mental Health Day 2017

Just 30% of people feel comfortable talking about their own mental health with their employer. Read more.


Insufficient support

And last year less than one in four children received the mental health support they needed. Read more.

We have a parent's guide to talking about mental health with your child.


I guess that's one use for it

Mark Zuckerberg decided to tour the areas of Puerto Rico, that have been devastated from the recent floods, using virtual reality. Read more.


The racial rat race

Government research has found there is a racial disparity in UK schools, courts and workplaces. Read more.


A hidden gem

Here is one writer's argument that digital technology is a hidden tool for good in the classroom. Read more.

Read our guest blog on nurturing digital skills in young people



Let me ex-spell this out for you

As the number of students expelled from school in the UK continues to rise, read one expelled pupil's side of things. Read more.


Monday 9 October


'Ask us how we want to be taught'

Read what students think teachers should and shouldn't do when teaching pupils with dyslexia. Read more.


AOLove you forever

As the famous messaging site AOL Chat shuts down in December, one person recounts how the chatroom helped him during his awkward teenage years. Read more.


Five to thrive

The women of Silicon Valley tell readers the five things they've learned from working in the tech sector. Read more.


I'm mad and here's why

Being angry online is just part and parcel of the internet, but one writer suggests it's now time to start asking why. Read more.