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Daily memo 6 November - 10 November

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 10 November


Tackling extreme views

‘Those who denounce Prevent as Islamophobic are themselves dangerous,’ says CEO of a large multi-academy trust.

Brainwashed online

A 9-year-old boy declares his support for IS in front of his class at school after allegedly watching execution videos online.


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Thinking ahead

A report from the Royal Society has found that more than half of England's secondary schools did not offer GCSE computer science in 2015-16.

Is it possible to benefit society with virtual reality?

An opinion piece on VR from a former tech executive covering virtual reality, augmented reality and new media for Forbes. 



Thursday 9 November


Tough tactics 

A new advertising campaign has been launched advising parents to “get a grip” and stop keeping their children off school simply because they have a cold or a cough.

Facebook ‘remembers’ nude photos

The social media company is testing a system that allows users to message themselves their naked images in an effort to combat so-called revenge porn.

Unsuitable for kids

YouTube accused of ‘violence’ against young children over some of it kids’ content.

Living in fear

The Children’s Society reports that there are around 700,000 teenagers in the UK who are being ‘damaged’ by their parents’ alcohol abuse.



Wednesday 8 November


Work ethic

Some business leaders suggest that work experience for young people should be made compulsory again.


The long version

Twitter is to expand to 280 characters so that users can fit more words into their tweets.

In search of the truth

Facebook’s fake news experiment backfires.


Freedom of speech

A terror survivor calls for open speech on extremism so that young people feel comfortable speaking up about their concerns.



Tuesday 7 November 


Up the pay and they may stay

Teachers’ leaders are calling for an immediate 5% pay rise for teaching staff to fend off a growing recruitment and retention crisis in schools.


Feeling ashamed

Body confidence issues are putting some girls off taking part in physical education at school.


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Political demand

A recent poll revealed that most people think politics should become compulsory and even replace religious studies at secondary school.

It’s not real

A fake version of the WhatsApp messenger app was downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store before it was removed.

Telling it how it is

8 male celebrities who spoke out about mental health to inspire us all.



Monday 6 November


Speaking up

Teens talk about the dangers of ‘sexting’ as the National Police Chiefs’ Council reveals it is tackling 17 child sexting cases a day.

Doing the right thing

Social media giants have ‘moral duty’ to tackle child abuse says Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Parents’ role in managing online privacy

New on LSE Parenting for a Digital Future blog: Introducing ideas of privacy while having fun.


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Exercising the mind

Celebrity mums turn to Scandinavian inspired exercise classes to brain-train their children.


‘Accept that recovery is never perfect’

Young people and mental health - Dr Pooky Knightsmith offers six steps to supporting sustainable recovery from mental health issues.