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'Digital Families 2018 is a unique event'

This year’s annual CEOP and Parent Zone conference will be exploring emerging risks and discussing how we can stay ahead of the curve. Dan Wilson explains what you can expect from the event on 10 October.

The countdown is on to the Digital Families 2018 conference, and Parent Zone is more excited by this event than any we have done before. Why? Because, despite this year’s conference being the fourth Digital Families event, it is unlike any we – or anyone – has done before.

So why is the DF18 event so unique? Firstly, unlike other internet safety events, we will be prioritising the future. For professionals working with children, this means being proactively ahead of the curve and prepared for emerging issues, rather than reactively responding.

This means building confidence and knowledge for the challenges to come and answering the questions the future will pose. How much will children really be reliant on technology in their everyday lives? What will they be reliant on? How can we best prepare and make the most of these digital opportunities?

Parent Zone wants to give teachers, social workers and professionals working around young people the opportunity to stay ahead of this curve. To do this, Digital Families 2018 is bringing experts together from the worlds of education, tech, academia and safeguarding, for an agenda that will cover how we can ensure young people are futureproofed for the tech challenges ahead.

Discussing what the future holds for safeguarding, education and regulation in the digital world

The event is on 10 October in King’s Place, London, and will consist of a diverse range of sessions, speakers, exhibitors and of course, delegates. Doors open at 9.30am and throughout the day there will opportunities to hear from leaders in the fields of internet safety, the future of technology and how it will impact on young lives.

We are very excited and honoured to have Dave Coplin share his thoughts on the future of digital and how it may affect young people, in his opening Keynote speech. Dave Coplin is the CEO of The Envisioners, an expert organisation in preparing companies to shape their future. He is also a former Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft UK and author of two books - Business Reimagined and The Rise of the Humans. Dave is a brilliant public speaker – as well as a self-confessed ‘technology geek’ and former Crystal Maze winner – and his Keynote guarantees to be captivating and eye-opening in equal measure. Watch his RSA ‘Reimagining Work’ talk.

Dave’s morning session will be supplemented by a panel of experts from Parent Zone, CEOP and the BBFC discussing what the future holds for safeguarding, education and regulation in the digital world.

The afternoon periods will comprise of a mixture of intimate discussion sessions and practical breakouts, led by leaders in their fields. The ‘In Conversation With…’ sessions will welcome Liam Hackett (CEO and founder of anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label), Chester King (CEO of the British Esports Association) and other experts, to identify the future risks facing children, and how you can prepare to deal with them. There will be discussion on the future of tech industries such as esports, and the opportunities they will present young people.

A fantastic modern setting for a day exploring the future of young people’s digital lives

Simultaneously the larger breakouts, led by Parent Zone and CEOP, will share our own experiences from the schools and organisations we work with, asking ‘Are we worrying about the right things?’ and sharing plans for ‘Futureproofing ourselves and our children’.

Throughout the day, our exhibitors, including Google and Unilever, will display the latest resources that industry and the third sector are delivering, offering delegates free resources and information to take back to their workplaces. There are sponsor and partner opportunities to join these organisations in displaying your offer. Find out more here.

Our final session will then showcase and explain these resources further, as well as equipping delegates with the free tools they need to put their new internet safety plan into action.

All this is happening at the Kings Place venue, in the heart of the vibrant King’s Cross area. Overlooking Regent’s Canal, with accessible public transport links from across of the UK, Kings Place will be a fantastic modern setting for a day exploring the future of young people’s digital lives.

You can book your tickets now. For more information, check out our Digital Families page

Digital Families 2018

Tickets: £199+VAT
Wednesday 10 October 2018
Kings Place, 90 York Way, King's Cross, London N1 9AG