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‘Be Internet Legends is a welcome addition to our classrooms’

Dave Presky, Head of Computing and a Specialist Leader of Education for Computing and E-Safety explains how the free Be Internet Legends curriculum has changed the way his Key Stage 2 pupils are learning about internet safety

Keeping up with the pace of technological change can be a real challenge, especially for teachers constantly under time pressure.

As the nature of digital concerns grows more complex, we’ve been searching for new and effective ways to embed safe and responsible internet use into our curriculum - Be Internet Legends is, therefore, a welcome addition to our classrooms.

This free resource provided us with a clear, age-appropriate structure, lesson plans and fun and engaging games to reinforce key objectives. The activities in the lesson plans challenged our pupils to apply their understanding to different real-life scenarios. The popularity and simplicity of the scheme meant that it was soon adopted by colleagues as a useful framework to discuss and consolidate learning in the digital space.

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Internet safety used to sit firmly within the Computing curriculum, but we found that the messages and activities within the Be Internet Legends curriculum helped to broaden the discussion, making it more relevant for our pupils’ real world, digital development - blending their computing skills with important PSHE learning.

Our pupils really enjoyed exploring the online game Interland - this helps pupils consolidate their learning further and is presented through virtual islands that represent four of the five pillars of the Be Internet Legends programme. For example, the virtual island of Kind Kingdom challenges our students to consider the impact of their own online conduct. As well as blocking and reporting online abuse from cyberbullies, the activity encourages students to consider the part they play in establishing a positive online culture. In addition to a very playable and engaging game, students are quizzed to apply their understanding to real-life scenarios, well aligned to trends in their digital lifestyles.

Since introducing the Be Internet Legends scheme of work into our school, we’ve found that both staff and pupils alike return to all the activities. This helps us to remain focused on our pupils’ digital lifestyles and how best to work with and support our families when it comes to staying safer and being more confident online. 

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