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“Be Internet Legends has brought internet safety to the forefront of the children’s minds”

Marion Coyne, Assistant Headteacher at Longshaw Primary School in Chingford, explains how Google and Parent Zone’s Be Internet Legends programme has helped their Key Stage 2 pupils gain a clearer understanding of online risk and how to respond to it

With the digital landscape constantly changing, it’s important for children to be able to navigate it in a safer way. As educators, it’s important that we help them develop the skills they need to do that.

We were in the process of reinvigorating our computing scheme at school, putting more focus on internet safety, when I received an email asking if we would like a Be Internet Legends assembly.

We’ve had online safety assemblies in the past but it had never been done in such an exciting way before and I definitely think it had a positive impact on our pupils. It worked really well breaking up the session into clear segments, following the Be Internet Legends pillars — Be Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave — as online safety messages are often intertwined.

Our local MP, Iain Duncan-Smith, joined us for the assembly and he also emphasised how important it is that we equip children with the necessary skills to stay safer online.

Talking to the children after the session, it was clear that they had learnt a lot. One child told me about pop-ups and phishing scams. They hadn’t really heard of that term before but they now know some practical things to do to help them spot when something they come across online might be unreliable. I think now, whatever they’re doing on their computers, they will have that message going through their mind.

All the Key Stage 2 teachers thought it was really helpful and we agree that the programme definitely compliments what we want to do with our online safety lessons — I think it even surpassed expectations! We’ve ordered our copies of the free Be Internet Legends curriculum pack and this will form the basis of our internet safety lessons going forward.

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In our new computing scheme, at least one lesson per half term will be dedicated to this topic. We’ve set aside time during the summer term to address the lessons from the curriculum and help our pupils learn more about the key messages from each pillar. The simple, digestible sections should help children learn about the different aspects of online safety without feeling lost or confused.

I definitely think the Be Internet Legends programme has brought internet safety to the forefront of the children's minds. Anything we can do to help keep our children safe is our first priority and this programme provides us with a strong foundation for what we will do to address this in our teaching as we move forward.

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