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Google shares helpful tips for avoiding COVID-19 scams

Google COVID-19 scams page

In response to the news that COVID-19 fraud reports have increased by 400% since March, Google has created a website with tips for spotting and avoiding online scams.

As people across the UK stay home and use technology to work, communicate and relax, the new platform outlines some the most common scams they may face – including:

  • falsely representing health organisations
  • selling fraudulent products
  • posing as government sources
  • making fake financial offers requesting donations to so-called charitable causes

It then offers advice for managing the risks, such as:

  • understanding how scammers can disguise their communications as legitimate messages
  • visiting authoritative websites directly
  • being cautious of requests for personal or financial information

and many more tips. Visitors can easily share these with other people, or download a one-page summary of them from the website.

You can visit the website here – and check out our tips for helping children learn to spot fake news here.

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