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New hub to help schools and organisations boost children’s digital resilience

The UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) Digital Resilience Working Group (DRWG) has launched a new online hub that aims to boost children and young people’s resilience

The Digital Resilience Working Group hub is designed to help organisations, policymakers, schools and companies understand and embed digital resilience thinking into their products, education and services. 

It features an introduction to digital resilience, plus a guide to the UKCIS Digital Resilience Framework and case studies demonstrating how the framework can be applied in a range of contexts. 

It also includes links to relevant resources so that visitors can easily find tools and activities that support the four elements of the digital resilience framework: understand, know, recover and learn. 

“This an exciting new opportunity to support professionals, highlight innovative practice and, ultimately, boost children and families digital resilience.”

Vicki Shotbolt - Parent Zone Founder and CEO

The new hub is the result of a collaborative endeavour that has been coordinated by experts from the UKCIS Digital Resilience Working Group. The DRWG is one of six designated UKCIS groups with the overarching aim of ‘ensuring the UK is the safest place in the world to be online’. The cross-sector group is co-chaired by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham and Parent Zone founder and CEO Vicki Shotbolt.

The hub will be regularly reviewed and developed to reflect the DRWG’s ongoing activity, as well as highlighting work that is being done to support digital resilience in the UK and beyond. 

“Digital resilience is a multi-faceted concept that evolved from our hope that all young people might flourish in the digital future. This hub may soon become the ‘go-to’ resource for anyone wanting to improve the digital lives of those they support.” 

Dr Richard Graham DRWG Co-Chair

The group hopes that by working together to share expert knowledge and highlight innovative practice through the hub they will continue to meet the evolving needs of professionals who support families in a connected world.

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