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New live show answers parents’ questions about remote schooling

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Parent Zone has teamed up with Dave Coplin, the internationally renowned tech expert and author of The Rise of the Humans, to produce a series of live-streamed shows supporting parents with remote schooling – answering their questions and helping them to rise to the challenge.

“The pandemic has reinforced the fact that we urgently need to rethink the role and potential of technology in our lives and the relationship we currently share with it,” says Dave.

“As teachers, parents and guardians, we owe it to our children and students to help ensure they can thrive, not just for the remainder of lockdown, but for all of the opportunities and challenges that the 21st century might bring,” he continues.

The new live show Remote Schooling SOS starts on Thursday 21st January at 6pm. In the first show, Dave Coplin and Parent Zone CEO and founder Vicki Shotbolt answer the question ‘Is good enough good enough?’, with a focus on how much work children should be doing and whether parents should ever feel guilty about it. It will also include tips and hacks to get the best from networks, devices and apps and explore wellbeing at home.

Over the coming weeks, the presenters will be joined by experts from the world of technology, parenting and education to talk through the top issues that are front of mind for families. Parents are encouraged to get involved by sending in their own questions to They can also send in live questions and comments during the show.

Parent Zone CEO Vicki Shotbolt, the show’s co-host, says "Not everyone has easy access to laptops and printers and everyone’s circumstances will be different. It’s not about spending hours each day trying to achieve the same results as if the children were at school being taught by their teachers. We need to be realistic and aim for something achievable given the current climate.”

Parents can tune in to the Remote Schooling SOS show here for practical advice and inspiration and can also get more info in our Remote Schooling SOS hub, which includes details of the latest show plus advice and resources to help with parenting in the pandemic.


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