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Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2021 with Parent Zone

Digital parenting has never been more demanding than in 2021. 

It’s been juggling the demands of remote schooling during a gloomy January lockdown. It’s meant finding spaces for video calls and online lessons amidst noisy and hectic households. Sometimes it’s simply been figuring out how to set up an Among Us game for fellow crewmates (...or children, as they were formerly known).

Through this, parents are having to upskill their digital knowledge, and find a balance with screen time and wellbeing. 

It is not always easy to get it right. It can be even harder to make the right decisions, with suitable boundaries and safety settings for unfamiliar online platforms, often on unfamiliar devices.

So to mark Safer Internet Day 2021, Parent Zone has a range of events and resources to help families thrive online.

Digital Parents Evenings

For Safer Internet Day, we hosted parents of primary and secondary age children to join us for two exclusive online advice Q&As. 

With expert advice for finding the right balance during lockdown, this is an exclusive event for Parent Zone Members and their famly communities. The good news is that it is free to join

To invite parents to stream back the event – sign up quickly and easily for free Parent Zone Basic Membership. Once a Member, you can access a link to this YouTube show to share in your organisation’s newsletters and comms. 

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Remote Schooling SOS Episode 4, Thursday 11 February, 6pm

This Thursday, the latest episode of our YouTube show has a special Safer Internet Day flavour. We will be having a closer look at online safety at home during remote schooling – including parental settings, filters and VPNs.

Host Dave Coplin and Vicki Shotbolt, founder and CEO of Parent Zone, will be answering the important questions for parents – such as which safety tech works best, how to use it, and whether it is the best approach to online safety for their child. 

Join the event here.  

Parents can also rewatch previous episodes, as we delve into the benefits of family online gaming and the best devices on a budget (see clip above). Visit our Lockdown Hub for more episodes, plus ideas and advice for living through lockdown.

Visit the Lockdown Hub.

Catch up with Ollee

Parent Zone’s friendly chatbot Ollee helps parents and children find ways to make difficult conversations easier. Created in partnership with Children in Need's A Million & Me programme, the browser-based app offers advice and information for children aged 8 to 11.

Parents can create account to help them find support about the issues that are worrying and confusing their child – from school or friendship worries, to concerns and anxiety around Covid-19.  

Educators can also register for a new Ollee resource pack for lockdown.

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